• Braswell Bravo Company was founded in 2016 with the opening of Ray Braswell High School.

  • The program currently offers Theatre I, Theatre II, Technical Theatre I & II, and Production

  • We are in the process of chartering our own International Thespian Society Troupe and plan to participate in Texas Thespian and National Thespian activities

  • The name, Bravo Company, was chosen by the students and represents the ideas of our department- striving for excellence while maintaining a family friendly environment for our students. Company is an inclusive term for both actors and technicians and we strive to make sure all aspects of theatre are represented in our department!

  • For more information on our classes and directors, please access the pages from the drop down menu at the top!



Theatre activities are governed by the policies of the DISD Board of Trustees, Texas Education Agency, University Interscholastic League (UIL), and Braswell High School.


Texas Education Agency’s “no pass/no play” rule governs all extra-curricular activities including any theatrical event that charges admission.  This generally will encompass all after school theatrical events on campus with the exception of theatre class graded shows or any other admission free performance.  


Students must earn 70 or above in all classes including all Pre AP courses and electives to maintain eligibility status (AP/Pre-AP classes do have a waiver policy, but students are expected to pass).  This means if a student is deemed “Ineligible” they can only attend a performance if they are a paying patron.  These students can not be performing or  backstage offering support.

The class plays at the end of the year are a non-paying event and are considered part of the curriculum; therefore eligibility is not an issue with participation in this project.  All theatre arts students are required to participate in the in class performances.